Greece is the Word


Last week I got my tickets for the Up The Hammers festival, taking place in Athens in March 2015. I know it’s ten months away, but HOLY SHIT GREECE, people. Fuckin’ GREECE, like are you even kidding me? Every time I look at my ticket, shining and silver, I get a little higgly-piggly-wiggly feeling. You know, down there. Greece has been a bucket list destination ever since I saw Disney’s Hercules as a little gaffer. A land of ancient heroes, larger-than-life monsters and vast temples? The country was practically made for me. I’m gonna be back in University when the trip happens so I’ll probably have to keep it simple, two weeks or less. Whatever. One full week of nerding out in the Agora and the Acropolis, book-ended by two weekends of Heavy Metal bliss. For a geek like me, it don’t get any better.

Thus far, my top attractions of Greece are looking something like this:

– Delphi + Temple of Apollo

– The Temple of Hephaestus

– Gorging myself on slow-roasted lamb smothered in tzatziki

– Getting hammered in taverns that are older than my country

– Seeing Atlantean Kodex, Doomsword, Manilla Road, Omen and many more!

– Island-hopping with my European mates

If anyone’s got some travel tips for a mild mythology+history buff in regards to the city of Athens and surrounding areas, I’d love to get in on them. Please. Teach me your ways.



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