Fresh Lord of Winterfell

Now this is a story all about how
The Lannisters pushed me to the ground
It’s a pretty long tale so listen well
I’ll tell you how I became Lord of Winterfell

In northern Westeros, born and raised
The Wolfswood is where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out with my father, executin’ runaway crows
Shooting arrows with my half-brother Jon Snow

Then a couple of lords who hated our bums
Started causin’ trouble in the seven kingdoms
I saw a little bit of incest and Circe got scared
Jaime said “the things I do for love” and let me fall down there

I slept and I dreamed day after day,
Until the three-eyed raven sent me on my way
I woke up and named my pet direwolf “Summer”
But now I’m just a cripple, it’s a serious bummer

Tyrion yo, he ain’t our foe
But every hates him, including my bro
The Imp made me a saddle and said with a wink
“I’m down with cripples, bastards and broken things”

My brother Robb took me for a ride out back
Is that the type of place where Wildlings might attack?
I don’t think so, Theon Greyjoy put a stop to that
Now we’ve got Osha chillin’ back at our pad

But when I go to bed I get these crazy dreams
Of wolves, three-eyed crows and climbing trees
If anything I could say these visions were rare
But I thought “Nah, forget it – the old gods don’t care”

Well, I hear my mom has landed down at the Eyrie
And things with the Lannisters are lookin’ dreary
Robb ain’t hearing it, he called the banners for war
Now he’s gone, they’ll call him the King of the North

A raven flew in at about seven or eight
Saying Joffrey has my dad’s head on a plate
With my family mostly gone I’m sad as hell
But hey, they call me Lord Bran of Winterfell

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