Live Coverage – Farmageddon 2014

My coverage of Farmageddon festival from June 2014.

Vandala Magazine

Page-24-25-July-2014-Vandala-Magazine-Farmageddon-Open-Air-2014If I say “Ryley, Alberta,” you probably don’t think “Open-Air Heavy Metal Festival” so let’s cut to the chase: Almost 40
 bands (most of whom you’ve never heard of) and paintball in
 the flatlands of central Alberta. Round two for Farmageddon, hosted by Excalibur Productions out of Edmonton/Devon area.
 Work commitments allowed me to attend the Thursday pre-party in Edmonton, then the main festival event on Saturday/Sunday.

Review By Jeff Black
Photos By Dana Zuk PhotographyMORE PHOTOS HERE
From Julys 2014 Vandala Magazine

The pre-party was a speed metal smackdown at Filthy McNasty’s on Whyte Ave featuring Riot City, Hazzerd, Powerslave and Vicious. No cover charge; the gig had a pretty healthy run of attendees throughout the night. Powerslave kicked off the proceedings with a tribute to Iron Maiden, with an eye on tunes from the self-titled album all the way through to Fear of the Dark. Decent background…

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